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We've outlined our main services below but if you need more information please get in touch.

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Rubbish or Waste Collection Hampshire

No need for a skip cluttering up the place, our teams will load up the van and take it away the same day. You don’t need to lift a finger except to point us towards what needs taking.

We can come in and remove everything from where it is situated, no need for you to get it outside like for a council bulky waste collection.

Furniture Collection Hampshire

Need to get rid of an old bed or sofa (or any other furniture) to make room for delivery of your new stuff? Give us a call, we can often offer a same day service at a reasonable rate.

And if your old furniture is in decent condition we will make sure it goes to a new home via our relationships with local charities.

House Clearance Hampshire

Partial or total property clearances available at short notice. We will sort as we go and take unusable items away for recycling, retaining good quality items for reuse.

As a general rule of thumb, when clearing a house or flat of all items, for a place with a ‘normal’ amount of clutter the number of bedrooms will approximately equate to the number of loads it will take to empty it. I.e. a two bedroom flat or house will usually take two full loads.

Probate House Clearance Hampshire

Clearing a relative’s property can be a very stressful experience, our friendly and empathic teams can help to relieve some of that stress.

We always keep an eye out for items that may hold sentimental value, such as an old photo lost down the back of a chest of drawers or potential heirlooms, and put them to one side so that you can choose whether to keep them for old times’ sake.

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Garage, Shed, Outbuilding or Loft Clearance 

We all accumulate stuff to fill up whatever space we have available, with sheds and garages it can easily end up out of sight and out of mind, until the space runs out.

No problem, as long as there is safe access for one of our teams, we can clear it for you.

Driveway or Garden Clearance Hampshire

New bathroom or kitchen? Refurnished part of your home? Wondering how to get rid of the building waste or old units/furniture?

Just give us a call or click for an estimate, we can clear the space for you at short notice, and for reasonable rates.

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