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Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

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POPs can be found in pretty much any upholstered furniture, from a footstool to a giant corner sofa, and everything in between.

They are called persistent organic pollutants because they take an incredibly long time to biodegrade and can end up in the food chain if not stored or destroyed correctly.

New regulations have recently come into force in England about how waste transfer stations and recycling centres must deal with POPs. They must be separated from all other types of waste and kept separately until destruction by incineration.

This has resulted in an increase in costs for the recycling centres, who have naturally had to pass that cost on to their customers (people like us). The increases have trebled our disposal costs overnight.

As a result, we have unfortunately had to add a surcharge for any POPs items that we collect. As we work with local charities though, we will waive that charge for any items that we are able to donate for reuse.