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Radio Interview

Ethiclear were interviewed by community radio station Voice FM recently. It will go to air on Thursday 30th march, from 2pm on the environment show Your Green Voice.  103.9 FM in the Southampton area. 

Spread the cost with PayItMonthly

Ethiclear are pleased to announce that our customers can now spread the cost of their property or waste clearance interest free. We have hooked up with PayItMonthly as the cost of legally disposing of waste simply prices a lot of people out of the market and drives them towards less scrupulous operators. As far as […]

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

POPs can be found in pretty much any upholstered furniture, from a footstool to a giant corner sofa, and everything in between. They are called persistent organic pollutants because they take an incredibly long time to biodegrade and can end up in the food chain if not stored or destroyed correctly. New regulations have recently […]