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About Us

We care about the environment and eliminating waste as much as possible.

While working for other providers of similar services, we were inspired to create Ethiclear, with a vision to go that bit further to reduce our environmental impact, and to benefit the local community.

All of the other house clearance companies are still using diesel vans, we were determined to go fully electric to achieve zero emission waste transfer.

As a general rule, most companies will clear a property and take the items to a waste transfer station, where it is all sorted through and the materials are recycled. This is all well and good, but results in a lot of reusable items going to waste, at Ethiclear we hand sort everything and have teamed up with local charities and businesses to make sure that these things find a new home.

From a single item such as a sofa, to a multiple load clearance of a hoarded property, we can take care of your non hazardous, dry waste needs.

Call us for a chat about what we do and how we can help you.